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Thinking About Elijah

If you haven't read my novel Stereotyped* then you won't know who Elijah is. So, I'll tell you.

Elijah is the main character in the book. He's my favorite character. He is also a stereotyped black man who happens to be homeless.

As the weather changes and becomes cooler at night it makes me think about all of the Elijahs of the world. It makes me think about how my bad days don't measure up to Elijah's. Soon it will be winter. I'll be dreading high heat bills, shoveling and poor driving conditions. They all have the potential to negatively impact my mood; but they're all merely inconveniences. My bad day has nothing on Elijah's. He doesn't have to worry about driving conditions because he's not driving. He doesn't have a car. He doesn't have a home to stress over shoveling or high power bills. He's vulnerable; vulnerable to the weather, the streets and the police. I have so much respect for Elijah. He's a man of integrity and great strength. He's resilient. He's intelligent. He's loving. He's honest. Unfortunately, many won't see pass the color of his skin and/or his homeless status. They will lock their doors and clutch their bags when they see him. The Black man is feared because the Black man is Stereotyped*.

Vick Breedy

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