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"Vick Breedy has created and shared tools for healing with the community. Her brand Genetically Resilient Apparel is a mantra for overcomers, her Selfish Women’s Group is a space she created for women to fill their cup in order to pour into others, and the books she has authored are gifts that offer a retreat into a world all their own. Thank you, Vick, for helping us all heal."

-Nicole McClain, North Shore Juneteenth Association

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Strong Black Womanitis

"Dynamic.  Authentic. Charmismatic. Regal. Real. Those a just a few positive words out of a thousand to describe Vick Breedy. It is my profound honor and pleasure to publicly acknowledge Ms. Breedy for presenting her "Beware of the Strong Black Womanitis" workshop and participating in the keynote panel discussion at our 3rd Annual Strong Black Woman Redefined Conference.
Not only did Breedy keep the audiences engaged with her energy, but she also astutely presented concepts related to the issues we as Black women face with respect to our mental health and wellness. She not only transparently shared some her of her story, but she also provided the attendees with practical tools to upgrade their self-care journeys right away.
I am confident that our attendees walked out of that conference armed with the knowledge and skills they need to take charge of their mental health and wellness. I am sincerely grateful that Breedy blessed us with her insight and wisdom. I do hope that we can have her present again next year!"

Regina Renaye, Founder of Mindful + Melanated

Cheryl Jean

Our organization Single Mother’s For Change was privileged to have Vick Breedy lead our “Journaling Workshop”.
Vick was able to provide our group with resources and tools on self-care journaling.
The presentation was timely and full of information.
Our organization looks forward to partnering with Vick again. 


Geetha Ramani

On behalf of the Essex County Commission on the Status of Women (ECCSW), we want to thank you for leading us in our self care session last week.  You shared your beautiful, inspiring story and gave us all tools - both big girl steps and little baby steps - to prioritize our health, minds and overall well-being.   You've helped me realize that taking small steps, even as simple as putting on my blingy earrings, goes far in putting me in a positive frame of mind and helps me prioritize me. We will continue to spread your message in Essex County and look forward to following your great work! 

Cindy Jeremiah

Thank you, Vick Breedy, for facilitating an engaging workshop on Journaling for the Rope Turners Facebook Group.  The workshop helped us with our mission of continuing to promote health and wellness.  Our group enjoyed this online workshop and was able to take away the importance of self-care with journaling.  Also, members of the group and are excited to continue with writing daily entries in the The Selfish Women's Group Journal: A journal with self-care. 

Bitter to Bounce Back Magic

 Bitter to Bounce Back Magic Description

Life has taught me that it is not what happens to you that defines you. How you respond to what happens to you is key. Having experienced significant hardships, I've learned how important prioritizing self-care is and the negative effects it can have when you don't. 

Often it is when we feel our weakest that we must be our strongest. My interactive sessions contain personal stories that highlight the importance of being selfish with self-care and offer tools that set the stage for a resilient outcome. 

Beware of Strong Black Womanitis

Let's discuss it

The stereotypical strong Black woman does it all. She wades through the barrage of racism and misogyny designed to drown her, yet serves as the life vest for everyone else. They need her, but who tends to her needs?

Practicing self-care means something different for black women that are faced with the unfairness of having to live in a constant state of duality. Strong Black women take care of what is necessary despite their limited resources, systemic racism and how they feel.

It is very difficult to uphold what it means to be a strong Black woman in the Black community and make self-care a priority.  Which births the difficult question, are Black women that embrace this stereotype able to practice self-care?

We will have a candid discussion about what it means to suffer from #StrongBlackWomanitis and the importance of being selfish with self-care.

Journaling to Jazz

Journaling is

 Journaling is a self-care tool with many benefits. It can serve as an emotional outlet. It can reduce stress and it records your resilience! Journaling is what led Vick Breedy to publishing her first novel Bitter. 

Journaling to Jazz is a workshop designed for those who need to press pause and experience the power of a PAUSE.


During this workshop Vick Breedy provides a safe space to be vulnerable and share. Grab your journal and be prepared to self-reflect, challenge negative thoughts and focus on your goals (with jazz music as your soundtrack). 

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