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I Have a Reason to be Bitter!

On May 5th, I will be celebrating my ten-year anniversary since the release of my first novel Bitter. The Bitter Ball will be held at the Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building -Rooftop (2300 Washington St, Roxbury, MA) from 3-7pm.

I've gone through a few things since 2014. I've decided to do what I do well; tell a story and use poetry as the vehicle. After listening to a piece of my journey, I hope my transparency will inspire you to share some space and time with me; and celebrate me becoming the author, poet, speaker, self-care advocate, entrepreneur, overall dope individual Vick Breedy.

I look forward to being in a room full of people who showed me love over the decade and also with faces who are new to the Bitter Movement. Enjoy the video and make sure to buy your tickets! See you soon.

Yours Truly,

Vick Breedy

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