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A Poetic Pivot

Did you know that on February 15th, 2024, I released my first poetry album? YUP! Vick Breedy was in the studio saying, "Turn my mic up!" If you've been following my journey or if you know me personally, you know that I've experienced many adversities. Writing is a self- care tool that I use to heal.

In 2020, I lost my maternal grandmother Frances Vick four days before my birthday. In 2021, my second marriage ended. In 2022, I tried to write my first sci-fi novel and couldn't. It was as if I didn't have the capacity to dream, imagine or think outside of the box. So, I said forget it. That's not my lane. Let me go back to writing the stories I know how to tell. And you know what happened? Nothing. I wrote about twenty thousand words and then scrapped it. I started over again. I still have not completed the novel. I've been slowly writing this book for two years now.

In 2023, life hit me with another blow. I lost my paternal grandmother Gloria (Breedy) Pitcher. Those who know me know that she was more than a grandmother to me. The Vick and The Breedy are no longer here. The very people who inspired my author name have died. It felt like my motivation to write slowly left with each death and each adversity. In full transparency, it has been discouraging to see myself struggle with completing this book. Pain is what usually drives me to write. I was in pain, but I wasn't writing. Why couldn't I write?

I said to myself "give yourself grace." You've been going through it. Don't pressure yourself to write this book. Just write. And write is exactly what I did; except it wasn't a book. I went back to my first love; poetry.

Just like my first novel Bitter, this project was something I felt I needed to do. The lack of motivation I felt was no longer there. As soon as I picked up the pen words just wrote themself. They flowed through me with ease and a sense of urgency. I was able to write poems on demand.

I took that as a sign that I was in my purpose. The book would have to wait. I surrendered and made my poetic pivot. I needed to go through the emotional process of healing through my poetry. With the help of my producer, Patrick Breton of Chain Mail Communications, I was able to get it to you during Black History Month. I'm often told "you always be on your Black sh*t." So, I leaned in and named it Fluorescent Black.

It is my desire that you enjoy the Fluorescent Black album. I've already received great feedback/feedforward from those who have downloaded it off Spotify and Apple Music. So far, the favorite poems off the album are Mama Africa, Black Men are Dope, Strong Black Womanitis, Insular Relationships and Other. Thank you so much for rocking with me through this ten-year movement as Vick Breedy. Thank you for the grace and space to grow. In the meantime, download my Poetic Pivot titled Fluorescent Black and let me know which poem is your favorite.

-Vick Breedy

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