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Breedy created the Selfish Women’s Group to provide women with a space to address the issues that threaten their ability to practice self-care. She encourages women to be selfish with self-care and overcome the barriers and guilt associated with making themselves a priority.      


Breedy provides experts in the field of nutrition, fitness and counseling to guide the groups.  The Selfish Women’s Groups are led by facilitators Paulomi Dave-Potter (MSW, LICSW), Lakisha Austin (MSW, MBA, LICSW, ) and Ashley Lissaint (Core Cardio Fitness Owner, MBA). Each facilitator helps attendees understand the importance of self-care, explore ways to practice it and identify behaviors that make it difficult to lighten the load women carry. 


Vick Breedy believes in #bouncebackmagic (resilience). If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t tap into that magic. We can’t heal. We can’t recover. We can’t forgive. We can’t move on. We can’t be resilient.  

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Selfish Women's Group Facilitators
Lakisha Austin:  MBA, MSW, LICSW
Ashley Lissaint:  MBA, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Owner of Core Cardio Fitness, Balanced Habits Food Coach, Beach Body Insanity Certified Instructor, TRX Suspension Trainer Certified Instructor, Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor, Real Ryder Indoor Cycle Certified Instructor
Paulomi Dave Potter:  MSW, LICSW
Vick Breedy:  MA, LSWA, Author, Self-Care Advocate, Entrepreneur, Founder of Selfish Women's Group, Creator of Genetically Resilient Apparel
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