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Muscle Shirt Status in 2022

Last year and this year have definitely required me to strengthen my resilience muscle. You know when you go to the gym and instead of doing a predetermined amount of repetitions or sets; you decide to do it until you experience muscle fatigue? Well, that's where I'm at. That's how hard I worked my resilience muscle over the last two years. In 2022 I'm expecting to see growth and definition from all of those work-outs I got.

The pandemic has/had me shook. I've been in the house for most of 2020 and 2021. This month (December) I decided to do an in-person event. I was a vendor at the Black Market in Nubian Square. I will say that it was good to be amongst my tribe, but I was definitely over stimulated. Going from only doing virtual events to being a vendor at the Black Market on the last weekend before Christmas was overly ambitious on my part. It was like being on liquid diet for two years and then going straight to steak. Your body will tell you that you were tripping! The transition was too extreme. To keep it really real; there was no transition. I just shocked my system.

The next day (Sunday) my body confirmed that it was too much. I was exhausted as if I played a game of pick up after not having played in years. My body has always been my accountant. It lets me know when my numbers (physical, emotional, mental) aren't balanced. I do believe that I was tired from my first day back on the block but I think it was something deeper than that. I think my body tried to tell me to rest because of the fatigue that 2020 and 2021 brought me. I think it said "Hey Black Woman! You've been working out and haven't allowed any time for recovery. You can't expect to get optimal gains. Sit down somewhere and act like you got some sense."

And that's what I did. I rested the entire day. I watched a few movies and cried through at least three of them. I reflected on my accomplishments despite my hardships. I allowed myself to grieve the things that I am not able to bring into 2022 with me. Then I flexed my gratitude muscle. I thought about all of the things that I am grateful for and what I'm looking forward to. I reflected on what brought me joy and what took from it. I also told myself how dope I am. If you know me (know me) you know that's a true statement. That's a form of self-care. You should try it. If you tell yourself something positive enough you'll believe it and you'll strengthen your confidence. You need confidence in life. It's like a protein shake for your resilience.

As we enter a new year I just wanted to give you a reminder to be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace. Acknowledge that you are human. Be intentional about being resilient. Be intentional about choosing positivity. It really makes a difference in your life and the universe. Oh! and don't forget to check in with your accountant routinely to make sure everything is adding up right.

Happy New Year in Advance!

Vick Breedy

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You’re a walking self care ad! A daily reminder of the importance of Taking care of oneself.

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I’m glad it provided some impact. That’s the goal❤️

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Monique De Silva
Monique De Silva
30. Dez. 2021

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾snap snap snap snap

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