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Being a strong Black woman isn't a compliment!

Has it ever felt like a back-handed compliment to be called a Strong Black Woman? That statement says more about your weaknesses than your strengths. Are Black women that embrace this stereotype able to practice self-care? It is very difficult to uphold what it means in the Black community to be a strong Black woman and also make self-care a priority.

The stereotypical strong Black woman does it all. She wades through the barrage of racism and misogyny designed to drown her, yet serves as the life vest for everyone else. They need her, but who tends to her needs? Practicing self-care means something different for black women that are faced with the unfairness of having to live in a constant state of duality. Strong Black women take care of what is necessary despite their limited resources, despite systemic racism and despite how they feel.

Selfish Women’s Group (the novel) is a story about strong Black women attempting to heal through self-care during a pandemic and traumatic racial tension. The novel highlights the importance of practicing self-care and how easy it is to lose sight of it. If you've never had the opportunity to attend a Selfish Women's Group meeting in person by the end of this book you'll feel like you have. Be on the look out for the release of Vick Breedy's Selfish Women’s Group this summer! #Selfishwomensgroup #Beselfishwithselfcare

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