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To Be Black

To be Black when the sirens go off

To be Black and see a burning cross

To be Black during the fourth of July

To be Black when that promotion passes you by

To be Black when you're the only in a White room

To be Black in February but can't have pride in June

To be Black and be called a minority

To be Black yet we're the Global Majority

To be Black perceived guilty and stereotyped

To have a skin color that resembles the night

To have melanin so rich they think you've conspired with the sun

To know that your ancestors were excellent and their descendants aren't done

To be Black in the America that birthed W.E.B

To be Black and conscious of the rage like James B.

To be Black means something different and the same

To be Black is the constant I'd never change

Happy Black History Month

Vick Breedy

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