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Send Them A Bounce Back Magic Package

You've heard the expression "Give them their flowers now." I believe that we should show appreciation and celebrate those who have overcome hardships. Before the pandemic, I held the Genetically Resilient Experience Gala annually to honor those who have overcome adversity. The gala was an amazing evening of the community coming together to celebrate resilience. In 2020 I had to cancel it and this year it didn't take place because I'm still shook from the pandemic.

During the pandemic, whenever I learned of someone experiencing tough times I'd get their address and send them something from my Genetically Resilient apparel line in order to encourage them to push through, not give up and remind them that they are strong. I also wanted to bring a smile to their face. Let's be real. I don't know anyone that doesn't like to get an unexpected gift. Do you?

With that being said, I've decided to send a gift from my brand to someone that is going through a hard time and could use the reminder that resilience is in their genes. I will do this once a quarter. Do you know someone that could use a reminder that they have Bounce Back Magic? Do you know someone that has bounced back from adversity. Log on to and send me a brief message of their circumstances and why you'd like them to receive a gift. One entry will be chosen each quarter. Be sure to include their name, address, social media handle and shirt size. Bounce Back Magic packages will be mailed in September and December of 2021. Share this with your people, your circle and your followers! Let's give out those flowers now!

Vick Breedy

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