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Self-Care While Black

Since George Floyd and the Pandemic part of my self-care plan has been to limit my intake of the news. The news tends to manifest anxiety within me that was dormant prior to 2020. There is a long shameful and familiar history of violence against black people that seems to recycle itself with each generation. The news shines light on that.

Intergenerational hate is being taught and passed down that mimics the racism of their ancestors. To survive, as a people, we’ve been in constant fight or flight mode. It is not healthy;and it makes us vulnerable.

There are countless attacks on black people just for being black (people). It feels like we aren’t regarded as people. Constantly trying to convince folks that we are humans takes a level of energy that isn’t sustainable. My deep sadness and disappointment with humanity resurfaces with each report. That is why I limit the amount of news I watch.

When I learned on social media that there was a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY that murdered ten people and injured three it was as if my eye lids were a dam that broke. It was as if I got the news that my family members were murdered.

Black people are and have been functioning in a constant state of grief. It has been the unspoken expectation.

It is difficult to hold on to hope in times like these, but I must say that it is necessary. It is necessary for your self-care. It is necessary for your mental health. It is necessary for a resilient future. I acknowledge the weight of the double consciousness W.E.B Dubois refers to in The Souls of Black Folk. For as long as we must carry that weight, it is vital that we prioritize self-care.

I encourage you to lean on your support networks for coping mechanisms. Preserve and protect yourself by practicing self-care. I pray for the families and friends directly and indirectly affected by this traumatic event. May we have internal and external peace that leads to healing.

Vick Breedy ❤️

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1 Comment

Nancy Speaks
Nancy Speaks
Jul 07, 2022

I seek my comfort from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I, too, was distraught and angry after hearing about the mass shooting in Buffalo. I had to go to GOD to let that anger go. I continue to be aware and cognizant of all that black people have experienced and continue to experience. I see that this generation is different than mine. I see ALL peoples at protests and speaking up more and more. I am hopeful! We are ALL God's children! Love You! Keep doing what you do.

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