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Baddy Genes!

My Daddy told me it’s in my genes to be a Baddy. You know what? He’s telling the truth. I believe that my confidence is what makes me a Baddy. I have been blessed with being a part of a family that has supported me, encouraged me and lifted me up. When you have that type of support system it gives you the confidence to try something, fail at it and the courage to try again.

That foundation has afforded me with self-assurance. I believe in myself. When I go after something I do it believing that I’m going to succeed. Being able to look at areas in my life where I’ve succeeded before builds my trust in my capabilities.

If I go after something and I don’t succeed two things happen. The first thing I tell myself is it must not have been for me. I didn’t succeed but I didn’t lose either. The second thing I tell myself is I went through this for a reason. I have the power to decide how I will let this experience define my future. I’ve programed myself to take something that doesn’t go my way and make it work for me.

In no way am I saying that I don’t feel any negative emotions when things don’t go as planned; because I do. I am human. I am flawed. I am vulnerable. What I don’t do is allow those negative emotions to keep me from moving forward. I ask myself “How can I take this adversity and make it work for me and serve others in the process?”

Here’s the answer: Bitter, Still Bitter, Bitter Family Secrets, Stereotyped*, Selfish Women’s Group (the novel), The Selfish Women’s Journal, The Stereotyped* Men’s Journal, Genetically Resilient Apparel, The Genetically Resilient Gala, Vick Breedy’s Self-Care Summit, Strong Black Womanitis Awareness, Selfish Women’s Group (the self-care group) and Stereotyped* Men’s group (self-care group). That’s how I do it.

I create novels, conversations, apparel and experiences. It’s my way of remixing adversity. I like to think of it as bounce back brilliance. My confidence has made me a leader. My confidence is what aids my resilience. And my bounce back magic replenishes my confidence. That makes me a Baddy:)

Vick Breedy

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