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Self-Care was poppin’ in September!

Let me just start by saying that I'm grateful. September was a great month for my brand. I was featured in North Shore Magazine, I was also featured on the front Page of Lynn's newspaper The Daily Item. Both were great opportunities to expand my reach to readers that may not be familiar with all that I do.  Those features were the icing on the cake. Let's talk about the cake.  I completed and published my fifth novel, inspired by my self-care group that shares the same name, Selfish Women's Group. This novel walks you through the lives of three Black women who suffer from Strong Black Womanitis. These women are attempting to heal through self-care during a pandemic and traumatic racial tension. I also created my t-shirt "Beware Of Strong Black Womanitis" aimed at spreading awareness about the need for Black women to practice self-care. It's a call to redefine what it means to be a strong Black woman. That definition must include making self-care a priority. September 2020 undoubtedly had a heavy self-care theme. The month ended with the completion of "The Selfish Women's Group Journal". One of my favorite self-care practices is journaling. It's therapeutic. It helps you process your emotions. A journal is a record of your resilience. It tracks your growth and increases self-awareness. The Selfish Women's Group Journal is an opportunity for women to give themselves grace and relearn who they are through a self-care lens.  There are many levels to self-care. What level are you on? What steps are you taking to make sure that you are scheduling yourself into your day? What steps are you taking towards practicing mindfulness? When is the last time you did something for you without guilt before, during and/or after? We get so busy that we miss moments. We don't press pause. We are on auto-pilot.

As a result we become vulnerable on many levels. It is my hope that this blog entry plants a seed that leads to you thinking more about self-care and implementing it into your life. Then you can let my novel, t-shirt or journal serve as your reminder to add water to that seed.   Be Selfish with Self-Care!

Vick Breedy

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