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I woke up this morning with a sense of excitement and impatience. My fifth novel Selfish Women's Group dropped into the tablets of all the readers who pre-ordered my e-book. The excitement from seeing something intangible like a thought turn into something tangible like a book is so satisfying. The impatience is tied to me wanting to hear what you think.

As I wait for the first reader to leave an Amazon review, I know I'll be thinking about the next book I want to write. That's not right. I know myself. I'll actually be writing the next book I've been thinking about. There lies the problem.

I have a hard time pressing pause. I don't give myself enough time to experience moments. I'm always thinking three steps ahead during the moments I should be fully present for. I need to find a way to balance my ambition with my need for self-care. I know many of you reading this can relate.

I wrote this book about Black women for Black women. The women in this novel struggle with practicing self-care. Ida, Faith and Michelle attempt to heal by prioritizing self-care during a pandemic and traumatic racial tension. It is hard to do when they suffer from Strong Black Womanitis.

Selfish Women's Group is a real self-care group in Malden, MA that I started in 2017 because I needed a group. I figured there were other women like me that needed one too. This novel is inspired by Selfish Women's Group. I know you'll enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed the process of filling it with lessons disguised in dialogue. If you leave with one take-away let it be to remember to be Selfish with Self-Care.

#selfishwomensgroup is available on Amazon via ebook and paperback today!

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