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Do you know Ida?

Selfish Women's Group the novel introduces a character that many of you know. She's your sister, mother, cousin or girlfriend. In fact, she may be you. Do you know someone with fibroids? I bet you do. Did you know that Black women often tend to experience fibroids more severely than White women? Ida is one of those Black Women.

Nobody knows more than Ida how having problems down below can severely impact your quality of life. As if having fibroids aren’t enough, Ida must cope with the stress of being a strong black woman. She was taught that showing weakness as a Black woman is intolerable. We all know what gets said about a Black woman that loses her ability to cope. What happens when she just can’t take it anymore? Will Ida be strong enough to ask for help or will she suffer in silence due to shame? Do Black women really have bounce-back magic?

You can find out more about Ida by pre-ordering your copy of Selfish Women's Group on Amazon today!

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