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Do you have a Faith or Michelle in your circle? I know I do!

Pre-Order your copy of Selfish Women’s Group on Amazon today! Faith is a people pleaser. She tries her best to use the tools that she’s learned from Selfish Women’s Group to help navigate her more challenging relationships. Meanwhile, she finds out at the last minute that her mom is getting released from prison. Will those tools be enough to help her set healthy boundaries from the energy drainers in her life? What’s the best way to please people who have betrayed you? Will Faith ever learn to please herself before anyone else?

Michelle is a woman who has it all together; a great career, supports her community, is politically astute, and will let you know that she’s unapologetically Pro-Black. She is goal-driven with an intense desire to succeed. She’s a planner that likes to be in control. Find out what happens when Mother Nature throws Michelle a reproductive curveball. Will she put down her cape? Does having it all together keep Michelle from falling all apart?

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