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Coping Through The Holidays

November just flew by! Wasn't it just Halloween? Here we are a few days before Thanksgiving and it has me thinking a lot about last Thanksgiving. The morning of last Thanksgiving I was stressing over how I was going to get everything cooked for my immediate household, make sure I was on time for Thanksgiving dinner at my extended family's home and make sure I got to the nursing home to see Nana Frances and give her some food.

This year Covid changed all that. Because of Covid I don't have to stress about doing a lot of cooking. I didn't even go to the grocery store. I ordered my food online and had it delivered. This year I won't be going to my extended family's Thanksgiving dinner because of Covid concerns. It makes me very sad to think about how I will be making one less plate this year because Covid took Nana Frances.

The holidays will be very different for all of us this year. Let's face it, maybe next year too. Some are coping with that reality better than others. On November 29th, Selfish Women's Group will be having a ninety minute virtual meeting to talk about ways to make the upcoming holidays a little brighter. I'll also be gifting two attendees that have registered to the event something from my brand. Who doesn't like a gift? Gifts always make me feel good!

Even if at this moment it doesn't feel like you have a lot to be grateful for - trust that you do. You have the gift of breath. Covid has made all of us very vulnerable. So covet that gift and I'll see you on Sunday. We will talk about the practice of gratitude and how it can positively impact your self-care:)

Be Selfish with Self-Care!

Signed with love,

Vick Breedy

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