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Black History Month is almost over but the pandemic ain't!

Although we had to celebrate virtually, I feel like there was an abundance of opportunities to celebrate Black History Month. This year felt very different than last year. I can't say that I didn't miss the in-person events. It really makes you appreciate all of the opportunities we had to come together as a community before Covid. Think about all of the events you previously passed up because you just knew there'd be plenty more. I can't be the only one with regrets.

Now here we are in 2021 virtually celebrating Black History Month(and everything else) longing for connection. When the pandemic is over I wonder if our attendance to events will change. Will we make a bigger effort to be there? Will we invite friends over more? Will we take more vacations? Will we check on friends and family more? How has this pandemic changed the way we view life and how have our values changed? Has the way we define self-care changed?

Surviving in a pandemic has definitely made us take a look at the world with a different set of eyes and in some cases a third eye. It's also made us take a deeper look at ourselves. Unfortunately we can't "unsee" what has been shown. Now what? How will we move forward with this new sight? How will we move when the pandemic is behind us? Will we show more gratitude? Will we give ourselves grace? Will we show each other compassion? Who will we be when the world opens back up? Will your bounce back magic position you to thrive?

Our mere existence during Black History Month 2021 is now a part of Black History. What will will be said about us? Who will we be called? The Genetically Resilient feels like a good fit to me(but I'm biased). This is the stuff I think about and in some form or fashion this will be the stuff I'll be inspired to write about. In the meantime, keep celebrating your greatness and let them know that you are Black History!

Happy Black History Month!

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