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2021 Hope and Resilience

I was just talking to one of my Selfish Women's Group Facilitators about the power of hope. Hope can save and sustain your life. The absence of it creates chaos and can destroy your life. Think about it. When you have hope you see the value and the potential of the future. It enables you to hold on for another day. To be without hope is to deny the potential of tomorrow.

If you look back at many of the hardships you've overcome you'll notice that hope was the main ingredient. We fight harder because of hope. We try harder because of hope. We survive because of hope. Hope is what bounce back magic is made of. Therefore, we must make hope a part of our self-care plan.

Shine light in dark spaces. That's hope. Deliberately choose optimism when pessimism seems to be winning. That's hope. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in the face of ambivalence. That's hope. To breeeeeeeeathe is hope. Don't let the unknowns of tomorrow threaten to increase your anxiety level. Be intentional about self-care. Step into 2021 with the strength of hope and the promise of resilience. We will thrive in 2021!

Vick Breedy

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